Steve Yzerman mocks Tie Domi after Domi gets his butt whooped by Bob Probert [Video]

In their first head-to-head fight, Tie Domi of the New York Rangers and Bob Probert of the Detroit Red Wings went toe-to-toe in what looked to be a pretty even fight, though Probert did get his eye cut open.

Following the fight, Domi was seen skating around and signaling that he had just won the championship belt from Probert as a wrestler would do. In fact, Domi used to refer to himself as the Macho Man.

In the rematch, Probert did not hold back and he absolutely took Domi to pound town.

After the Red Wings bench exploded when Probert knocked Domi to the ice with a punch, ending the fight, Steve Yzerman could be seen mocking Domi as he flashed the belt sign back at him.

*Fast forward to the 5:40 mark or so to see Yzerman mock Domi.


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