Video: Marcus Smart goes after Matt Bonner’s man bits

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Something tells us this won’t soon catch on as an acceptable means to fight through a screen.

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With nine minutes remaining in Boston’s Friday night loss against the Spurs, rookie guard Marcus Smart appeared to get tangled up with Matt Bonner. Why the verbal sparring match? Well:

After official review, Smart was assessed a flagrant foul 2  and was automatically ejected from the contest. After the game, of course, Smart denied any means of intent.

“Like every other play, I was trying to get through a screen,” Smart told reporters. “Aron Baynes screened me, (Bonner) tried to clean up the screen and I tried to fight through. He had his arms up high, locked arms, and my body, the way (Baynes) hit me threw my body back, so it forced all my momentum to come forward, and (Bonner) just happened to jump in the way as I was trying to rip through and rip up, and he got caught.

“Like I told him, I wasn’t trying to intentionally do it, because if I was, obviously he wouldn’t have come at me the way he did. It was just something that was just a freak accident — inadvertent arm that happened to connect.”

Celtics coach Brad Stevens wasn’t buying Smart’s explanation.

“From my standpoint, it looks like an unacceptable play,” Stevens said. “You can’t do that. Simple as that.”

This isn’t Smart’s first rodeo when it comes to extracurricular activities on or off the basketball court. While playing for Oklahoma State in 2014, he pushed a fan who allegedly verbally abused Smart when the two came face-to-face off the court.


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Posted by Ryan Van Dusen
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