WHOA!!! Calvin Johnson calls out the Detroit Lions… again

During his time on the field, Calvin Johnson was nothing short of spectacular for the Detroit Lions. However, things appeared to take a turn for the worse after he hung up his cleats for the Honolulu blue. Megatron has spoken out before about his thoughts on the Detroit Lions, and they aren’t always the most inspiring comments.

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Tensions between the Detroit Lions and Calvin Johnson seemed to have sparked at the time of his retirement. His retirement brought up an awkward situation due to salary and signing bonus, of which he ultimately had to give back one million of.

The relationship between the two camps appears to have made no positive progress as Calvin Johnson recently discussed his take on the current status of the Detroit Lions. In his most recent comments, Calvin Johnson called out the organization for the lack of communication between both sides. When asked whether they had reached out to try and mend differences Calvin Johnson responded with the following.

“Ahh … no. They say they have, but no.”

This appears to be an unfortunate situation as Calvin Johnson was a class act throughout his career, which he spent entirely with the Lions. As superhuman as Megatron appeared on the field he always seemed humble and down to earth. Similiar to his former head coach Jim Caldwell, who was recently fired from the Detroit Lions. And in case you were wondering if Jim Caldwell had anything to do with his retirement or disappointment towards the Lions franchise, Johnson made it pretty clear in his most recent comments.

“You hate to see Caldwell go. He’s a great guy. Guys loved to play for him. I loved to play for him. The man was someone you’d invite out to dinner. He’s that kind of guy. The best to him in his future.”

This is not necessarily news, as seemingly every player who has played for Caldwell has had similar respect and appreciation for him. Johnson and Caldwell were two extremely classy guys throughout their time in Detroit, which is why it is so disappointing to see the unfortunate split between the Detroit Lions and one of their greatest players to ever represent the Motor City.

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When asked about why his relationship had turned sour and the current state of the Lions, Calvin Johnson had little to say.

“I can’t call it,” Johnson said. “I don’t know any of the people there now.

As great of a player and man as Calvin Johnson was for the Lions it seems inexcusable for the Lions not to reach out to him. While at the same time it hurts to see Calvin continue to take shots at this organization that suffers enough as it is. Hopefully, the two sides are eventually able to mend sides and move forward, instead of watching Calvin Johnson help other franchises, like the Oakland Raiders. 

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Although Calvin Johnson has no plans of unretiring his football knowledge and assistance is still very much available.

“As far as football goes, I still love it. I still love being around the sport. I do some consulting around the league.”

While Bob Quinn and the Lions look to move forward this offseason it may not hurt to look back and give a former legend a call, simply to improve a disappointing and souring relationship.

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