Why Javier Baez missed 2-straight games for Detroit Tigers

Find out why Javier Baez missed 2-straight games for the Detroit Tigers.

Why Javier Baez missed 2-straight games for Detroit Tigers

It has been an extremely tough year for Detroit Tigers shortstop Javier Baez, especially when it comes to hitting the baseball. In fact, Baez is batting just .219 in 118 games with the Tigers so far in 2022, and he just seems to be getting worse and worse. During the team's recent series against the New York Yankees, Baez missed two games in a row. According to Tigers manager A.J. Hinch, Baez was not being benched, but he missed the games due to a sore arm and back.

Javier Baez Detroit Tigers Why Javier Baez missed 2-straight games

What Did Javier Baez Say About His Hitting Problems?

While speaking to reporters, Baez openly acknowledged the urgency to slow down his game rhythm and not get overwhelmed by every pitch.

“Having the trust of that plan and not trying to cover every pitch that they throw to me,” Báez said before Thursday's 4-3 win over the Yankees. “Controlling the zone, to be honest, because when the pitcher breaks to the plate, I get desperate to hit the ball. Sometimes, I need to slow the game down and let it come to me.”

A.J. Hinch Explains why Baez Missed 2 Games Against the Yankees

Hinch clarified that the recent absences were not a strategic benching. Instead, Baez has been contending with soreness in his right arm and lower back, prompting him to approach Hinch about missing Thursday's finale against the Yankees.

“He's beat up a little bit and not feeling 100%,” Hinch said before Thursday's game. “I'm not going to play him when he's not. He's day-to-day. We talked about it last night after the game. Yesterday, it was a simple day off that turned into multiple days off. … It's a combination of things.”

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TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Detroit Tigers' shortstop, Javier Báez, unexpectedly missed two crucial matches against the New York Yankees, primarily due to soreness in his right arm and lower back.
  2. His recent absence wasn't a strategical move, and it isn't solely tied to performance. Báez has recognized and admitted struggles in his gameplay, particularly in zone control and timing.
  3. Báez, holding a significant contract with the Tigers, has experienced a noticeable dip in his performance recently but remains determined to recalibrate and bring back his stellar gameplay.

Bottom Line – Paying For Nothing

When former Detroit Tigers GM Al Avila originally signed Baez to a mega-contract, I cringed. Baez is a free swinger who has zero plate discipline, and it has cost the Tigers time and time again, and it will continue to cost them until his contract is up. Hopefully, he figures things out, because he has quickly become of of the least-liked athletes in the Motor City.