Writer suggests Detroit Lions bring in ‘Canadian Odell Beckham Jr.’ for visit

Should the Detroit Lions bring in the 'Canadian Odell Beckham Jr.' for a workout?

Writer suggests Detroit Lions bring in ‘Canadian Odell Beckham Jr.' for visit

In case you have not noticed, the Detroit Lions have a bit of a depth problem when it comes to their wide receivers' room. As it stands, they have Amon-Ra St. Brown, Josh Reynolds, Kalif Raymond, and Marvin Jones Jr. as locks to make the initial 53-man roster, but after that, things are certainly up in the air. Well, according to one writer, the Lions should bring in the ‘Canadian Odell Beckham Jr.' for a visit.

Canadian Odell Beckham Jr. Samuel Emilus

Why it Matters

According to A to Z writer Mike Payton, the Lions should bring in Saskatchewan Roughriders wide receiver Samuel Emilus for a visit.

“The Detroit Lions are currently in the market for some receiver depth,” Payton wrote. “They don't currently have a guy on the roster who can play that X receiver role and go up and grab a contested catch. Emilus can do that for the Lions. He's a big bodied 6-foor-1 receiver that specializes in fighting for the ball in mid air.”

Who is the ‘Canadian Odell Beckham Jr.'?

Emilus, a 25-year-old receiver from Montreal, Quebec, played college football at UMASS and Louisiana Tech but was never part of the NFL Combine. Instead, he was the seventh pick in the 2022 CFL Draft. Now in his second professional season, Emilus has become the Roughriders' number two option, impressively securing 35 catches for 577 yards and four touchdowns in just 10 games.

Canadian Odell Beckham Jr.

Will This Happen?

Dan Campbell and Brad Holmes have made it clear that they will leave no stone unturned when it comes to building the best roster possible. With that being said, it seems highly unlikely that they bring in Emilus for a workout. But, you never know, maybe Holmes will see this article, or the article from Mike Payton, and kick the tires on the ‘Canadian Odell Beckham Jr.'.

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Depth Problem in Detroit's Receiving Unit: The Detroit Lions face a noticeable depth issue with their wide receivers. While they have a few notable players who are certain to make the team's 53-man roster, there's still uncertainty about who else will fill the remaining spots.
  2. Samuel Emilus – ‘Canadian Odell Beckham Jr.': Samuel Emilus, a standout receiver from the Saskatchewan Roughriders, has been suggested by writer Mike Payton as a potential solution to Detroit's receiver depth issue.
  3. Uncertainty Over Potential Recruitment: While the Detroit Lions' management has shown their intent on exploring all options to improve their roster, it remains uncertain whether they will consider bringing in Emilus for a workout or trial.

Bottom Line: No Stone Unturned

The Detroit Lions are grappling with a depth issue in their receiving line-up, and Samuel Emilus, the standout CFL star dubbed the ‘Canadian Odell Beckham Jr.', has been proposed as a potential solution. Given his impressive stats and the Lions' proactive approach to roster building, Emilus could be a potential fit, although the Lions' actual interest remains uncertain.