Detroit Red Wings Continue Losing Trend, Fall 3-2 to Jets


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The Detroit Red Wings put up another effort and outshoot the Jets sorely, but ultimately fall 3-2 in the shootout.

The Red Wings came out into the first period with a very slow, sloppy start, as has been the norm for them heading back even into last season. A few untimely mistakes led to a couple of good looks for the Jets, but Jimmy Howard stood tall and kept them in it. Winnipeg managed to open the scoring again, at 7:10 they came into the zone with a 3-on-2 rush. Bryan Little took a pass across the slot and one-timed a quick shot past Howard to make it 1-0 Jets. The Wings would answer, though, and finally give themselves another power play marker. At 14:44, Henrik Zetterberg threaded a beautiful pass across the slot through all 4 Jets players to a waiting Pavel Datsyuk, who hesitated a moment to settle his shot and then let off a rocket of a wrist shot that beat Ondrej Pavelec to tie the game 1-1. The Red Wings dominated in shots through one period, leading the Jets 16-8.

The second period was a deadlocked battle of defense from both sides, and a lot of chippy north-south play. A few good looks for the Red Wings that failed to be converted on, but they did a very good job of neutralizing the Jets’ chances in their zone and keeping the play deep by Pavelec. The Red Wings got out of two periods leading in shots 26-17.

The third period was a lot of the same type of play from the second. Winnipeg would take the lead for the second time in the game, halfway through the period at 10:47, when Zach Bogosian took the puck in on Howard, faked a shot to pull him out of the net, and then threw it past him into the open net to take a 2-1 lead. The Wings would respond quickly, as at the end of a 5-on-3 at 13:11, in a scramble in front of the net where Johan Franzen put the puck on Pavelec, Datsyuk swooped in last second and poked the puck into the net between the post and Pavelec’s skate. No more goals would be scored through the period, and would force the game to OT for the 3rd straight game for the Red Wings. But again, a lack of scoring for either side forced the game to a shootout. Shots through regulation and OT were 43-21 in favor of Detroit.

Datsyuk started for the Wings but sent the puck wide of the net. Devin Setoguchi went first for the Jets and scored on Howard with a bullet wrist shot past Howard’s arm. Daniel Alfredsson took the 2nd Wings shot, and scored over Pavelec’s glove to keep the Wings alive. Andrew Ladd shot next for Winnipeg and scored on Howard by putting a wrist shot between his arm and body. It was up to Todd Bertuzzi to keep the game alive, but he’d be denied when Pavelec stick-checked his shot away and the Jets took the game 3-2.

This song and dance is getting old. Some of the highest caliber players in the league and they can’t score more than 2 goals a game. This also puts them to 6 straight home losses, and 11 straight home OT/SO losses. If the offense from the secondary scoring doesn’t pick up soon, this skid could get very, very serious. The next game is Friday night against the Washington Capitals. See you then, Nation.

-Nathan Webb



  1. hard to beat a team when they have four extra players.. The NON call on datsyuks break away didn't help either.

  2. The only players with 10 or more points right now are Z, Dats, Alfie, and Kronwall. We're almost a quarter of the way through the season now. Will not win if you have only 2 or 3 players scoring on a regular basis. And they honestly can NOT carry the team forever. Everyone else has to make an appearance eventually.

  3. They will be fine, it's early. They have a lot of talent...Howard is good, the team will win their division!! Go Wings!!

  4. Jimmy shouldn't have to bear the slack of everyone else. He puts up an effort every night and he's owed big time right now. The shootout aside, he's kept us in many games that we got 1 point in that we, honestly, should not have gotten any. Scoring 2 goals and expecting your goaltender to win the rest of the game for you is bull, and it's going to doom them for the rest of the season if they don't get their act together soon. That aside, the 2nd goal on Howie was soft. I'll openly admit that. He bit on that fake harder than lockjaw. But at the same time, they should not have still been tied at 1 goal at that point in the game.

  5. Howard is good!? 25th out of 30 in goals against and 27th out of 30 in save percentage. Please tell me how he's good, or we "owe" him...

  6. Or explain how bad his defense is and he should be a top 10 goalie. Numbers don't lie fellas, bottom third in stats. He's either overrated or you think the Wings D is that bad (which I don't think their D is that bad).

  7. Go look at the goal stats for all the forwards on the roster while you're at it. You score goals, you don't spend the game on your heels and you take the pressure of your goalie to win the game for you. Goaltenders can steal games, yeah. But they should never be expected to win it for you. That's what they've basically been doing as of late. 1 or 2 and done. 3 players scoring on a roster of 13+ forwards is pathetic by any standards. People who outright blame the goalie for losses obviously don't watch the game.

  8. Tampa loses stamkos watch how fast stevie y tries to fix the problem. Wings have problems and holland does nothing! Holland was a great gm when he could spend like a drunken sailor!!

  9. I'm not saying they don't need to score more, or at least other people need to score. I'm just saying everyone is quick to defend Jimmy and he hasn't been very good this year. It seems you're completely discrediting his bad #'s. I don't have to watch every second of every game to see, statistics wise, Jimmy is in the bottom third of the league.

  10. And take the pressure off? He faced 21 shots tonight, while Pavelec faced 43. Sounds pressure filled...

  11. Im from toronto and i hate the mostly laughs look at their goalies almost every night they get outshot look at their record!! If you talk scoring maybe nonis has done a better job looking for help than holland??

  12. And I'm definitely not going to condone people calling out Holland. He is arguably the best GM in the 4 major sports.

  13. As good as they played out west, they are struggling at the Joe. Back to no offense. Other guys need to score other than Zetterberg and Datysuk.

  14. And statistics don't always tell the whole story. I'm not saying his numbers aren't bad. I'm saying they're also a direct result of team playing badly in front of him. His big saves don't mean anything if the team in front of him can't take that momentum and score off of it. After that point, all anyone sees are the numbers and a few softies he lets through. That isn't fair to him at all. I'll defend him when he's good. But I'm also the first one to call him out when he's not at the top of his game.

  15. Fair enough, and I didn't see the game tonight but I watch probably 70% of their games and he isn't at the top of his game right now. I agree stats don't always tell the story, but when you're that low in the league it's a combination of poor defense and poor goaltending.

  16. Another thing, and I understand it's a completely small sample size but it's the only thing we have to compare, is the 5 games started by other goalies for the Wings the goalie numbers are much better. And I'm not saying Mrazek or The Monster are better than Jimmy, just an observation.


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