The Chicago Blackhawks Are The Worst Team In The NHL


Being of stout mind and spirit, (and a native of the Detroit area/Michigan in general), we've all come to know and love that the Red Wings are, arguably, the best team in the NHL. Coming up tomorrow is the start of their Semi-final series against the Chicago Blackhawks. With so much hype surrounding the performance they had in the regular season, no one's taken a minute to really pick apart and digest the team as a whole, which really, isn't as great as everyone makes them out to be. Let's take a look at five of the reasons why the 'Hawks are the WORST team in the NHL.

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Fluke streaks and fortuitous luck make not a great team. You need long-term consistency, a plethora of memorable legends and tales of success, and you need wide, devout base of fans to back you the entire way. Such is the story of the Red Wings, who have always had a rabid fan-base, even outshining and out-cheering teams in their own arenas, still to this day. Fans that hop on and off the wagon when their team is playing well or badly, respectively, are not supporting their team. They're supporting their own selfish egos by giving themselves something to talk about and feel good about. But once the success fades, so do the faces.

On that note, with the 2nd round starting tomorrow night, I leave you with a resounding LET'S GO RED WINGS!

-Nathan Webb


  1. You can say any team has bandwagon fans!! yes, even Detroit!! Remember when the Tigers would draw under 10,000 midweek when they were losing 100 games each year??

  2. No matter how this series ends up it is going to be a hard hitting series go wings

  3. Come on, nothing better than Eric Munson, Nate Cornejo, and gold glove center fielder Jose Macias. 8 dollar seats gets ya 2 hot dogs, 2 cokes and moving to a seat behind 3rd bag.

  4. Tom is my buddy from Chicago....he's just here looking to tweak Wings fans...LOL

  5. Let em have his fun Cindy... Hockey was dead in Chicago like 10 yrs ago. Welcome back to the league Tom

  6. Here's my list of why they are the worst: chicago, chicago, chicago, chicago, and chicago. Nuff said.

  7. It seems that everyone who knows more than a little about hockey is saying one of the Hawks' strengths is the depth of their scoring. And anyone who can count knows the Blackhawks went 28  consecutive years, from 1969-70 to 1996-97, with playoff appearances. I can see why someone as classy as Marian Hossa would leave you after one year.

  8. You still should respect other players and teams. No matter how bad the rivalry is

  9. I remember back when I was a young'n during the Wings/Avs rivalry, guys used to get the snot beat out of them just for WALKING AROUND in an Avs jersey. This is a mild rivalry compared to that.

  10. This article is pointless. I appreciate the attempt at making the Blackhawks look bad, but this article does the opposite. First of all, Hossa finally won a cup with the Blackhawks, and since when is keeping the core of your team together a bad thing? The Blackhawks suck, but not for the reasons listed in this article. Go Wings.

  11. The worst attribute of the 'Hawks is definitely their fanbase. The people of Chicago and the surrounding area are the most pretentious, pompous, sad little beings that have ever lived.

    1. AlecHiggins At least the Hawk fans don't have to throw sea animals on the ice to show how proud they are!

  12. A lot of in depth scientific analysis went into this article, it's totally legit. I'll respect the other guys after the playoffs are over.

  13. Well.... I've not been there, so I can't truthfully cosign this one. However their hockey team sure does . LGRW ! ! !!!

  14. How did "hockeytown" like that 7-1 thrashing on Easter Sunday? Howard got scored on by two AHLers that game! Don't talk if you can't back it up, I look forward to seeing the Wings get knocked out in 5 & I'm a Wings/Hawks fan...

  15. You can't be a "Wings/Hawks" fan. That doesn't even make any sense. The articles pointless, but you are an idiot.

  16. My entire family lives in or near Detroit, they all love the wings/lions/tigers/Pistons/ect.. I grew up with the Wings but I always liked the Hawks. I live in green bay, bleed green & gold, love the Pistons & Absolutely love the Chicago Blackhawks.

  17. Darwin, the fact you said you're a fan of both, makes you in reality not a fan of either.

  18. I've been to tons of Wings games as a child, & plenty of Hawks games. I have 3 Red Wings Jerseys (Kronwall, Yzerman, Rafalski) & 5 Hawks (Roenick, Toews, Kane, Browuer, Crawford) It's ok to be both but I have to side with the hawks this year.

  19. The fact that you are too stubborn to realize that the Hawks will win the series makes me feel bad for all the red wings hopefull. All you can do is hope that your sieve doesn't allow too many goals.

  20. I understand hating on the team you are playing, but seriously...terrible article. 4 10+ goal scorers? Wings have 5. Hossa left because we decided to sign Franzen instead, which was an awful choice IMO. Babcock won the cup in his 3rd season with Detroit. You can say that it isn't supposed to be taken seriously, but that doesn't excuse a poorly written article.

  21. Blackhawks fans have been "Buckeyed". You get beat down for years and years, and now that you're good, everyone else sucks. Typical classless fan mentality. No respect for the rivalry and no respect for the other team.


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