Tigers Bats Ice Cold; Oakland Ties Series with 1-0 Walk Off Win


Oakland, CA ---

The Oakland Athletics loaded the bases in the 9th inning and Stephen Vogt hit a walk off single to score Yoenis Cespedes to even up their American League Division Series with the Tigers, 1-0.

It was a pitching duel from the get go, with Sonny Gray and Justin Verlander becoming the first pair of starting pitchers to each throw 9+ strikeouts and not allow an earned run in postseason history. Verlander finished with 11 strike outs 7 innings of work, while Gray struck out 9 Tigers.

What will be most talked about from this game will be the Tigers inability to score runs. The offense has been cold as cold can be since the last couple weeks of September. Jim Leyland has to start wondering what the combination needs to be to get him some run support for his starting pitchers. The Tigers have been silenced in 35 of the last 36 innings played, dating back to the last series in Miami.

Don Kelly led the Tigers with two hits, while Cabrera and Iglesias were the only other players to record a hit.

With one of the highest payrolls in the game of baseball, including power hitters like Miguel Cabrera and Prince Fielder and veteran leaders like Victor Martinez and Torii Hunter, something needs to happen before the Tigers lose control of this series. It's only 1 game, and yes, the series is tied. But tonight felt like that final Sunday of the season, where nobody could come close to getting a hit or scoring a run. This time, the game means something.

The Tigers will head back home for Games 3 & 4, and will need a loud Comerica Park to help heat up their missing offense.



  1. Tell them to calm down...they seem to be overthinking at the plate, almost looking lost. Yes, they are facing very good pitching, but they need to loosen up a bit.

  2. JL cannot hit for his guys! we have the #2 best offense in the bigs and these guys need to step it up....period. STOP throwing around that JL needs to be fired! we had golden opportunities to win this thing tonight but folded. AJ stunk up the place and needs to check himself. we did our job, won one in Oakland now win 2 at home. if we can't do that, we don't deserve to advance, period.

  3. Honestly, I'd consider sitting Cabrera. He's hurting so bad right now. When he was hurt mid-season, he couldn't run but at least was still hitting home runs. Now he can't even to that. His defense is a liability and he cannot run. Might have to face reality and put Iggy at 3B, Peralta at SS.

  4. yeah that one hit that got past Miggy, Iggy would of been able to get it & it would of been huge.

  5. Prince Fielder is on another planet right now. His career postseason average is .185, and only has 5 career postseason HRs in 7 series played. Time to wake him up. Can't waste many more gems by starting pitchers...

  6. Good!! Why have an ace if you don't use him in key situations. Bye bye Detroit. Havent scored in 17 innings.

  7. If you're not worried, you should be. Takeaway the 1st inning in Game 1, the Tigers have been blanked in 4 straight games.

  8. Who cares if they win this series or not. This team will not win the WS because they cannot score enough runs. Pathetic display by Jackson tonight and Leyland really messed up by sending Iglesias with Mr. K at the plate along with sending AA out for the 9th. Leyland needs to go period. Time for some new blood as a manger. I am sick of watching this team struggle to score runs and miss opportunities because the manger blows.

  9. And lastly, (on a personal note) I'm so beyond tired of Leyland coming out and saying that the opposing pitcher was "terrific". Stop. Just stop it, Jim. Take a glance at your lineup. They should not be struggling this bad. Ever. Even in the postseason.

  10. If you seriously don't think that Gray pitched insanely good, stop. Good pitching almost always beats good hitting.

  11. Need to get peralta in the lineup. I.said at the beginning of the postseason that cabrera should be at DH while VMart is catching and peralta at 3rd. Gotta get your best offense and best defense on the field at the same time

  12. Gray was awesome tonight both of these teams have great pitching, don't look for a lot of runs in this series.

  13. Every team in the playoffs have good to great pitching or they would not be there but some how teams score runs. The Tigers cannot manufacture a run and they are the slowest team I've ever seen. This goes on both Dumbrowski and Leyland. Yes I said Dumb!

  14. Wow... It definitely was not Leyland's fault that V-Mart, Cabrera, Prince, Hunter, and Jackson didnt show up tonight.

  15. If they are in such a hitting slump, why did they manage TEN hits last night? We played fine last night and tonight, winning both was not that reasonable of an expectation. We can still win two of three, hopefully both at home but if only one, they still have to beat Scherzer again! Way too early to worry like this people. GO TIGERS!!!

  16. At least the tigers won game 1! To bad that's all they will win!!! This team is total garbage!!! Time to sit miguel!!! Total liability on both offense and defense!!!

  17. The team could get 20 hits a game but if nobody crosses the plate what difference does it make? They can't score runs! 4 in last 36.. That's not going to get them into next round.

  18. How would another manager got this team to hit????? Nobody is hitting, NOBODY and that includes the bench any pinch hitter, ok the whole team is in a slump and it does mater who manages this bunch of lame guys , they still would lose.

  19. Serious???? If grown men who have played baseball all. Their lives like Prince, V Mart ,AJ and Hunter need a new manager and hitting coach to motivate them to hit for the playoffs, then there is no hope for those guys.

  20. Well then there's no hope. Look at Boston. Last place last year, change managers and look at them now! Don't tell me it don't matter

  21. He ran the Tigers out of the best scoring chance they had with a guy who strikes out way too much for a lead of hitter. Never ever should have sent iglesias. Why not squeeze there? Also to bring AA back out for the 9th when you had Porcello ready to go? Yes this team is in a bad run scoring slump but his bone head decisions sure don't help.

  22. I'm just sick of Leyland. This team has under achieved under his leadership and it's time for a change. No way this team should be shut out and no hit like they have been.

  23. You all bashing on Dave Dombrowski obviously don't remember the two decades before he got there ! You should really lay off Dave Dombrowski is doing a great job , honestly I think they're still a couple players away from the championship

  24. It's not Leyland's fault that Jackson, Hunter, Cabrera, Fielder and Martinez did nothing. Shut up about wanting Leyland fired.

  25. You just said it a couple players away. Dumb had been here for 8 years and we are still a couple players away and you don't want to blame him? How much longer does he need? Cmon man.

  26. Coaching, I don't care how much money the players make, they still need to be told what to do. This coaching staff has a history of not getting it done in the post season no matter how much talent they are provided.

  27. I've been a fan of Leyland, but I see too much talent going to waste. Imagine having a manager like Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Arizona. Just saying that if you keep doing the same things, you keep getting the same results.

  28. Gray was good, we'll give him credit for that. But they had men on base in scoring position 3 times (if not more) and failed to score at least 1 run! Jhonny's still sitting the bench, why the hell did we bring him back and train him in left if all he was going to do was sit?

  29. yeah something needs to happen on monday tigers dont want to go down 2 to 1 ,in a best of 3 series .put peralta in the lineup.

  30. This is why you're confined to sitting behind a keyboard while people with a high baseball IQ manage. You should try managing even a little league team sometime, you'll realize how incredibly stupid your posts are.

  31. Mario that is what I have been saying. Martinez behind the plate sit Avila, Peralta at third, Miggy DH, and put Iglesias in the lead off spot. Put Jackson 8th or 9th. As for you Tom it is incredibly stupid for a manager to have someone playing that can hardly walk. Also, good managers shake up the batting order when things start to sour and they have soured for some time now. I do not know what games you are watching?

  32. What do you want him to say? "Boy their pitcher sucked but the guy in the batter's box couldn't hit the ball & it's my fault because I'm swinging the bat for them & I couldn't make contact. Damn it all."

  33. OK, and I guess Oakland had a terrible lineup as well, seeing they have scored a total of 3 runs in 2 games. Credit due to Oakland Pitchers, Credit due to Tigers pitchers.


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