Viral Video Shows Potential Detroit Lions Kicker Drilling 70-Yard Field Goal

Could this be the Detroit Lions Kicker in 2024?

The Detroit Lions may have an eye on a new kicker who’s been showcasing his skills right under their noses. Jake Bates, who is currently lighting up the United Football League (UFL) with the Michigan Panthers, has made an impression that’s hard to ignore. Here’s a closer look at the kicker who might just be Detroit’s next big signing.

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Jake Bates: From NFL to UFL Standout

Jake Bates, formerly of the NFL, found a new home with the Michigan Panthers, sharing Ford Field with the Lions. This proximity has given Bates a platform to demonstrate his kicking prowess, particularly his range on long field goals, to both UFL and potential NFL suitors.

A Viral Sensation

The Michigan Panthers recently shared a video that has sent fans and analysts buzzing: Bates nailing a 70-yard field goal during a practice session. The feat is not just impressive but could be seen as a direct showcase to the Lions, considering the shared stadium and facilities.

The Call for Bates in Detroit

With his ability to consistently hit from long distance, Bates has become a popular figure among fans who are vocal about their desire for the Lions to secure his talents. His performance in the UFL, especially these exhibition kicks, positions him as a promising candidate for the Lions, who could benefit from a kicker with such a powerful leg.

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TL;DR (too long didn’t read)

  1. Jake Bates’ Performance: Former NFL kicker Jake Bates is making headlines in the UFL with the Michigan Panthers by demonstrating exceptional ability in long-distance field goals, including a 70-yarder in practice.
  2. Shared Facilities Highlight Potential: Bates’ exploits are especially notable since he practices at Ford Field, which he shares with the Detroit Lions, putting his skills directly in the spotlight for potential NFL re-entry, specifically with the Lions.
  3. Fan Excitement and Support: NFL and Detroit Lions fans are notably excited about Bates’ performances, with many advocating for the Lions to sign him due to his demonstrated ability to make game-changing long kicks.

Bottom Line

As Bates continues to impress with his kicking skills, it’s only a matter of time before NFL teams, including the Detroit Lions, consider bringing him on board. With his track record this season and a clear ability to handle high-pressure kicks, Bates could be exactly what Detroit needs to solidify their special teams unit.

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