Lions’ Caldwell baffled by NFL officiating following win over Saints

It seems like we can’t go even one week in the NFL without the officials blowing a call against the Detroit Lions. This time not only was a call blown on the field but even after replay, the officials failed to correct it.

On Monday night, the Lions squared off against the New Orleans Saints in a battle of two teams who underachieved all season long. With 4:22 remaining in the game, Saints tight end Benjamin Watson caught a fourth-down pass as he was heading out of bounds. The call on the field was that Watson caught the ball and maintained possession while getting the required two feet in bounds. But the replay showed that one of his feet landed out of bounds and Lions head coach Jim Caldwell challenged the play.

When the officials returned from reviewing the play, it was announced that it was a catch and that the Saints would retain possession. Of course, New Orleans proceeded to march down the field and score to make it a one-possession game.

Following the game, Caldwell was asked for his thoughts about that play and why it was not overturned.

“I’ve stopped trying to figure these guys out, you know?” Caldwell said. “I throw my hands up in the air on that. I don’t know whatever they saw. We thought we saw on the replay it looked pretty obvious, but who knows.”

Don’t worry Jim, we have been throwing our hands up all season long.

At least the Lions held on for a 35-27 win, but things sure did seem very dicey for a while there.

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