New Detroit Red Wings assistant GM Kris Draper thanks Ken Holland

New Detroit Red Wings assistant GM Kris Draper gave a shoutout to Ken Holland.

Detroit Red Wings general manager Steve Yzerman promoted his longtime teammate earlier today, naming Kris Draper his assistant general manager. Draper has been with the team in a front-office role since he retired following a 20-year career.

Kris Draper Detroit Red Wings

News of Kris Draper's promotion came out today

Yzerman was pleased to promote Draper to his new role, saying that his work ethic in the front office matches that of his playing days.

“The same work ethic that he had as a player he has in scouting,” Yzerman said. “He's a hard worker, he wants to do well, and he's determined. And each year, he's gotten more comfortable with it.”

Draper was sure to thank ex-Red Wings GM Ken Holland

After his retirement from the NHL, Draper took a role next to ex-Red Wings GM Ken Holland as a special assistant. Upon Yzerman's return to the team as GM in 2019, Draper's role increased to director of amateur scouting, a title he'll still retain even with his new responsibilities.

And during his media availability session this afternoon, he was sure to give Holland a shout-out.

“It was more or less because of what I did on the ice compared to the front office,” Draper said. “Ken was very gracious with the title. I wasn’t in charge of anything, really. Watched games and put reports in. I don’t know if anyone read them. And then Stevie came in putting me in charge of the draft and director of amateur scouting and running the staff. It was a great opportunity for me to be around Ken and kind of learn everything in all areas of the game, which was special. I appreciate being able to walk out of the Detroit Red Wings dressing room to the Detroit Red Wings front office, Ken gave me that opportunity and that’s a big reason why I’m sitting here.”

Draper, who has his name on the Stanley Cup four times as a Red Wing, wants to bring the championship swagger back to the organization he played 1,137 games for.

“We played in arguably the greatest era of the Detroit Red Wings organization, and we want to bring that back,” he said. “And we all understand how hard it's going to be. But, we're all in this together.”

Key Points

  • Kris Draper is now Detroit's assistant GM
  • Steve Yzerman appreciates Draper's work ethic
  • Draper thanked Ken Holland, who hired him as a special assistant after his NHL career ended
  • Draper wants to bring championship hockey back to the Red Wings

Bottom Line

Draper and Yzerman brought countless great memories to the fans of Hockeytown, and their passion for their craft is evident in what they are trying to build in this newest era of Red Wings hockey.

We hope to see both Draper and Yzerman's names back on the Stanley Cup, this time as front-office executives for the Red Wings rather than players.