PotF’s NHL Round 2 Preview

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Cody and I are back with your round 2 preview, as well as our picks and a look at how we did predicting the winner’s of the 8 conference quarterfinal series.

With Cody off in God-Knows-Where for a conference or a meeting of some sort, we weren’t able to hook up for a podcast this week, but no worries as he passed along his picks for me to share with you.

However, since he went a dreadful 5/8 in the opening round, you may want to take his picks with a big grain of salt.

I, on the other hand, went 7/8, with my lone miss the result of a Game 7 Dwayne Roloson shut out. Hey, if my only miss means the hated Pittsburgh Penguins taking an early summer break, I’m okay with that.

Anyway, here are Cody’s picks for Round 2, and his explanation of each.

Nucks vs Preds: Tough call here. Nucks almost got stopped by a hot goalie in Crawford, and Rinne is much better. Preds also were quite effective in shutting down a very solid Anaheim offense. That being said, Luongo I think is gonna have some huge confidence in this series. The team is also going to be bolstered by the fact that Kesler doesn’t have a Toews-calibre player to shutdown in this series and they can rely on his offense a lot more after it being almost non-existent in round 1.

PREDICTION: Canucks in a hard fought 6 games.

Wings vs Sharks: San Jose struggled a lot against the Kings, but looked very dangerous in the wins they did pull out. What Shark team shows up on a given night is going to be the main factor in this series. Red Wings looked deadly, albeit against the Coyotes, and can only get better with a now healthy Franzen and returning Zetterberg. Neimi may have been the key for the Hawks last year, but I don’t think he has another run in him. Joe Thornton is playing exceptionally well right now, maybe well enough to finally silence his critics, especially if he can lead his team to victory in this series. Going to be extremely entertaining to watch, and hopefully it won’t be a series decided by officiating like it was last year.

PREDICTION: Wings in 7, all but one game being decided by 1 goal (not counting EN)

Bolts vs Caps: Holy Stamkos Batman, the young gun is starting to really shine these last couple games, and Washington fans and players should probably be a little scared right now. Capitals main criticism going into the playoffs this year was goaltending, and even though they won, I’m still not convinced. Rolosson is playing like a man 10 years younger, and although Pittsburgh’s offense was slightly below their normal calibre, he still shone quite brightly when he needed to. When two high-powered offenses collide like this, the team with the better defensive play and proven goaltending will come out on top.

PREDICTION: Bolts stay on a roll and power through in 5 games

B’s vs Flyers: Oh. My. Dear. Science. There will be blood. In what is probably going to be the most physical series of all, the Flyers will face yet another top tier goalie, and the Bruins will have to regain their rough edges that seemed to be lacking in the Montreal series compared to their regular season. Tough to pick a winner here, but I think we can safely say that with Carcillo, Hartnell, Horton and Lucic all on the ice together, the fans could certainly be given that honor.

PREDICTION: Bruins in 7

In my opinion, I could go 4/4 or 0/4 just as easily in this round. These series really are just too close to call. Will Vancouver’s long, emotional series win over Chicago leave them drained for their tilt with Nashville? Or will they build off the momentum of their Game 7 OT win?

Which team will win the battle of attrition between Boston and Philly, which is sure to be must-watch TV if you’re a fan of the rough stuff.

Washington looked like the most dominant team in the East during their first round, 5 game victory over New York, but will they have any answers for the puzzle that is Dwayne Roloson?

And as for the Wings and Sharks, while I have the Wings taking the series, if I had to pick a series to put money on, this would not be it. This is going to be a very closely played affair.


Canucks in 6

Wings in 6

Capitals in 7

Bruins in 6