Tigers Bowing Out of Shields Sweepstakes?


When the Washington Nationals made it official that they had signed Max Scherzer to a 7 year, $210 million contract, many thought that Detroit Tigers General Manager Dave Dombrowski would turn his attention to signing right-hander James Shields.  Apparently this is not the case, as Dombrowski denied any involvement. The Tigers GM told Jason Beck from MLB.com, “We have not pursued anything else at all, despite any type of rumors.”

So, unless Dombrowski has something up his sleeve, it looks like the Tigers starting rotation may be ready to roll with Spring Training right around the corner.  The current rotation, which has a much different look from last year, would include, Justin Verlander, David Price, Anibal Sanchez, Shane Greene, and Alfredo Simon.  Considering that Sanchez is coming off a season with injury problems and with Greene and Simon as huge question marks, a huge load will be placed on the shoulders of Price and Verlander.  Whether or not they can rise to the occasion may determine whether or not the Tigers can win another Central Division title, and reach their ultimate goal, a World Series championship.