Tigers Clinching Scenarios For Saturday

The Detroit Tigers’ AL Central Division lead is down to 1 game, following Detroit’s loss on Friday night against Minnesota, and Kansas City’s win in Chicago. So if the Tigers are to celebrate in front of their own fans on Saturday night, they will need a some help.

It’s simple. If the Tigers win on Saturday, AND the Royals lose in Chicago, then the Tigers will win their 4th straight division title.

If the Tigers and Royals both win on Saturday, then we’ll head to Sunday’s season finale with the Tigers holding a 1 game lead, and needing a win OR Kansas City loss to win the division on Sunday afternoon.

If the Tigers lose on Saturday, and the Royals win on Saturday…then we head into the final day of the season tied, and each team determines its own fate.

Many have asked what happens if the Tigers and Royals tie for the top spot in the Division. The answer is NOT the head-to-head matchup, which the Tigers have the better of. If both teams are tied at the end of Game 162 on Sunday, then we will play a tie-break game on Monday at Comerica Park. The winner of that game, will be crowned Division Champion and head to Baltimore to face the Orioles. The loser of that game will head to the Wild Card round and host Seattle or Oakland for a 1-game playoff for the chance to play the Angels in the ALDS.

For the Tigers it’s simple…get the job done on Saturday. They can’t control what happens in Chicago.

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  1. I cannot say I am not disappointed that our Tigers could not win last 2 games so that they would be AL Central champions this morning. Once I knew we played all division teams at the end of the season, I knew it would be a matter of time but it would likely come down to clinching the division on the last day of the regular season!! Well, it’s the last day to clinch, so I say do it team for yourselves first and your fans are with you!! GO TIGERS!!

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