Top 10 NFL Teams That Will Be After Ndamukong Suh In Free Agency

suhsmashThe period that every Detroit Lions fan has feared is closely upon us.

The 2015 NFL free agency period, that is.

As the Lions 2014 season came to a heart wrenching halt, all eyes turned to one man and his future: All-Pro defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh. As he wiped away tears on a podium in Arlington, Texas, most Lions fans couldn’t help but hope he wasn’t playing his final game in the Honolulu blue and silver. However, that may very well be the case. Reports surfaced back in early fall that Suh would not re-sign with Detroit and after weeks and weeks of “next questions” regarding his future, Suh finally revealed to the media that he was leaving the final call up to his agent Jimmy Sexton. Probable translation – whomever can offer him the biggest pot of gold will receive his future services.

Although I’m certain all 32 NFL franchises would love to make a bid for the all-world defensive behemoth, here are the 10 teams that we believe will be in serious contention come March.

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