NFL’s Black Monday Roundup; Lions Notes

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Black Monday came, and went. Here is a look at all of the action in the NFL that took place yesterday, in case you missed something.

-The Detroit Lions announced the firing of head coach Jim Schwartz, offensive coordinator Scott Linehan and receivers coach Tim Lappano.
-Cleveland let go of head coach Rob Chudzinski [Sunday night] after just one season with the Browns.
-Tampa Bay gave the axe to both head coach Greg Schiano and General manager Mark Dominik
-Leslie Frazier is out as head coach in Minnesota
-Mike Shannahan was relieved of his head coaching duties in Washington
-Rex Ryan was ruled safe in New York and will be seeking a long term contract to remain as head coach.
-The New York Giants brass said they would like Tom Coughlin to return next season, but that is up to him.

Breathe easy Lion fans, most of the wishes of Jim Schwartz no longer being the head coach have been answered. In his five years as Detroit Lions head coach he holds a record of 29-51, he did lead the Lions to their only playoff appearance [2011] since 1999. However he will probably be most remembered for the Detroit Lions team this season that was 6-3 at the bye week and then lost 6 of the last 7 games, ultimately eliminating themselves from playoff contention; more importantly winning their division for the first time since 1993. While Schwartz wasn’t really a bad coach, he was not a leader and didn’t bestow that killer instinct in his players to close the door on close games. Imagine where the Lions would be if they hadn’t blown all of those 4th quarter leads!

In another sigh of relief, offensive Scott Linehan has been released as well. Many of you asked, and you have received. In an offense that fell flat on it’s face all too often, this seemed like it was going to happen regardless of their success this season. You cannot have the level of talent that the Detroit Lions do, and have lackluster results. Wrong plays being called, runs in passing situations, passing in run situations, you name it, we saw it.

Tim Lappano was the Detroit Lions Wide Receivers coach and released on Monday also. Needless to say, when you lead the league in dropped passes, you haven’t done your job properly.

Martin Mayhew and Tom Lewand said that the coach that will be brought in has to be a leader to lead this team. Also stated that the coach will have the final decision on all of the assistant coaching positions. Lewland was asked a question about the Lions message to their fans, to which he answered, “The bottom-line message is, from our ownership on down, we are unwaveringly committed to bringing a consistently winning football team to this town,” he said. “Immediately.”

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