10-Year-Old Lions Fan Cheated Out of Prize in Dallas

Running out of fuel with which to sustain your irrational anger and displeasure stemming from last Sunday’s Lions loss to the Cowboys? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

96.9 KISSFM, aka “Armarillo’s #1 Hit Music Station” (though we’re sure you already knew that), brought to light this morning a video featuring a young Lions fan participating in a game of musical chairs outside AT&T Stadium last Sunday. The fan, 10-year-old Roman, made the six hour trek with his family from Armarillo to Arlington after receiving surprise tickets to last weekend’s playoff game from his grandmother.

With a PS4 copy of Madden 15 on the line, Roman appeared to hit the jackpot, eliminating both of his competitors in the final rounds of the aforementioned knockdown, drag-out battle of competitive chair sitting. As Roman was presented the winner, the Dallas Cowboys mascot (this creepo) noticed Roman’s #9 Matthew Stafford jersey beneath his unzipped coat.

Once Roman’s Lions fandom was brought to the forefront, the jig was up. The game’s host nearly lost her composure, exclaiming (we’re not kidding), “Oh! Oh my gosh! I just saw… OH NO!”

With that, she ordered a musical chairs redo, this time resulting in Roman grabbing the short end of the stick. But worry not, after objections from Roman’s parents on his behalf, the Cowboys made things right… by giving him a Led Zeppelin CD and a Batman DVD… the Adam West version.


Thankfully for all involved, the crisis may have been averted, as 96.9 KISSFM opened a GoFundMe account on Roman’s behalf, which has raised $525 so far at the time of publication. Amongst the donors, Chris Yurasits pledged $50 and commented, “Dallas Cowboys fans don’t roll like that. You go, Roman!”

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UPDATE: EA Sports has seemed to taken matters into their own hands. Behold:

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