Brad Ausmus not worried about outside predictions

Spring training is officially underway for the Detroit Tigers, which means that questions and predictions about the team will be flowing like honey. Many baseball analysts are already predicting that the Tigers will not win the division for the 5th year in a row. This is something that does not bother manager Brad Ausmus because he knows what he has with this team.

“We expect to win. I know there’s always a lot of analysis of the hot stove league, but I look in that clubhouse and I see a very good team. We do have some injuries to get past, but we will get past them.” said Ausmus.

There is no doubt that the Tigers have question marks this season, question marks that they will have to resolve if they want to win their 5th straight Central Division title. On top of those question marks, it seems like the rest of the Central Division got better in the off-season, at least on paper. That being said, Ausmus is perfectly fine with the rest of the division getting the attention.

“It doesn’t bother me that it’s that way,” Ausmus said. “I don’t get too caught up in preseason picks because you’ve still got to play the games. Without question, the entire division’s gotten better. I think that’s clear. Anybody on the outside looking in can tell that.”

Sometimes in sports it is better to fly under the radar, and that may be exactly what the doctor ordered for Ausmus and the Tigers. After all, they have had the spotlight directly on them for quite a while now without winning a World Series; maybe this will be the year that they finally get it done.

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