Cespedes wants to play in Detroit for a long time

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CESPEDESDetroit outfielder Yoenis Cespedes has not even played his first game with the Tigers, but says he wants to play here for a long time. The slugger also thinks the Tigers are in the league’s upper echelon heading into the 2015 season.

“I think Detroit, in this moment, is one of the best teams in the league,” Cespedes said. “I think not only me, but what player wouldn’t want to be on this team? I think I would like to be on this team for a long time.”

Cespedes, who is 29 years old, hit .260 with 22 home runs and 100 RBIs in 152 games during the 2014 campaign. He played 101 games with Oakland and 51 games with Boston. He was then traded to the Tigers in the offseason, a move that he expected to happen.

“Baseball here in the United States is a business,” Cespedes said. “The team owners and general managers do what is best for them. I think no player – sometimes we don’t like it, but we have to understand that this is a business.”

It is true baseball is a business, but Cespedes seems very happy he was traded to Detroit. Comfort is very important and he seems to have that feeling so far with the Tigers.

“I think I’m going to feel very good, I already feel good, but I think I’m going to feel better on this team.” Cespedes said. ”

In fact, he feels like he can learn a lot from some of the veterans on the team, especially Tigers first baseman Miguel Cabrera.

“Every time I arrived at first base, I talked with him – some, not much, because there wasn’t much time, but he gave me various pieces of advice,” Cespedes said. “I think I’m going to learn a lot from him.”

I do know one thing, if Cespedes plays well this year both as a hitter and a fielder, he will not be the only one that wants him to play for the Tigers for a long time. Considering that he is only signed through this season, expect Cespedes to do everything he can to have an outstanding year.

(Image Via: Mike Mulholland|MLive)