86 thoughts on “Detroit Lions 2013 Full Schedule”

  1. Dec 16 – monday night football vs the Ravens – no Sunday night games yet. Is this the NFL punishing the Lions for their optimism over last year?

  2. I say 11-5 if the team stays healthy and we get a good pass rusher, a solid OT, and a decent returner/receiver in the draft.

  3. I’m calling 8-8 – They will split the series with the Vikings and the Bears – Cards, Browns, Bengals, Tampa and Eagles upset win against the NY football Giants.

  4. Its not like they just make up the schedule, the rotation of what divisions play eachother is pre-set years in advance.

  5. They must be.. We had several prime time games last year.. We get one on ESPN plus Thanksgiving Day

  6. I think it all depends on the Minnesota and Chicago series, if we go 4-0 against them then were looking good,

  7. It might be difficult, but if we managed to stay healthy AND be discipline this year I’ll say anywhere from 9-7 to 11-5..12-4 if we’re lucky

  8. We’re going to lose all the games after Stafford trips on his tampon string in the first preseason game.

  9. 6-10 typical lion season. They will start off ok but a late November and December disappointment

  10. I think that with the addition of a dynamic running back in the back field, along with the two already on the roster, the back field is going to have that 1-2-3 punch that we haven’t had since Barry Sanders. I think adding that to the dominant receiving core. I think with the addition of maybe a tight end, not Austin. I think the lions have a pretty good chance they can go 12-4 more likely closer to 10-6

  11. I see 8 games we should win. If we can beat the packers once, and the giants and or eagles or ravens that give us 10 wins and a good shot at making the playoffs.

  12. I am sure that there will now be days of predictions and prognostications. But, the real question remains. Are the Lions better today than when they ended last season? I don’t believe that they are. Can the apparent weaknesses be addressed in the draft? Given their history in the middle rounds, it seems improbable.
    So, the Lions are more than likely relegated to another season of mediocrity, at best.

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