Detroit Lions Hope to Avoid Training Camp Injuries

The San Francisco 49ers have experienced a rash of injuries at the running back position. Kendall Hunter went down with a torn ACL on the 49ers second day of training camp. Sunday afternoon the 49ers second running back went down in training camp. This time it’s LaMichael James with a gruesome dislocated elbow. The reality is that football is a dangerous sport, and sometimes injuries happen. Though it is unfortunate when it happens like it did to James and Hunter.

The Detroit Lions made the decision to sit out a few of their stars, and in light of what happened in San Francisco, that seems like a smart idea. Golden Tate and Ziggy Ansah are among the Lions getting healthy, but both expect to be ready for action week one. Although training camp is an essential part of getting the team moving forward in the right direction, it is equally important to keep our guys healthy heading into the season. One thing is for certain, the Lions cannot afford to lose Golden Tate or Ziggy Ansah before the season begins. Golden Tate is expected to begin practice Monday, July 28th.