‘Who?’ – Golden Tate responds to threats


[pullquote]”You can’t hit what you can’t catch,” Tate said.[/pullquote]Yesterday we reported that Dallas Safety¬†Barry Church plans to take Golden Tate to pound town in this Sundays match up in retaliation for a hit Tate put on¬†linebacker Sean Lee; well, Tate has responded.

“Man, I don’t know this guy,” said Tate, who laid the devastating block when he was playing for the Seattle Seahawks. “I just now heard of him yesterday from this incident. He’s trying to get on the scene, I guess, so we’ll see.”

Tate is not exactly worried about the retaliation, you have to catch him first.

“I think I’m a tough guy who can take a lot of hits,” Tate said. “He may try to hit me and hurt himself.”

While this rhetoric between the two players is fun, Tate is on the same side of the fence as the rest of us, just focus on winning the game.

“The fact that he’s wasting energy worrying about revenge about something that’s two years ago that has nothing to do with him; I think it’s a little silly and I don’t think it’s going to help his team win,” Tate said. “We’re trying to stay focused and get ready for this game on Sunday so we can advance to the next round, and that’s the only thing that matters.”

The Lions (11-5) play at Dallas (12-4) Sunday in a wild-card round game.