JUST IN: Detroit Lions’ injury report still ugly on Thursday

Wednesday’s ugly injury report stayed just as ugly Thursday for the Lions as they prepare for their Sunday afternoon matchup with the Buffalo Bills. The Lions have 11 players still out or limited in practice, and it is beginning to look difficult to predict what the team will look like when they take the field. A Lions’ victory would seem the team move to 6-8 on the season with an outside shot at the playoffs.

Buffalo, at 4-9 on the season, is a team that is also struggling to find any consistency. Their one bright spot has been the rushing attack provided by QB Josh Allen.

This is a game that was chalked up as a win before the season started, are you still confident that the Lions will come out on top?

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Detroit Lions’ Glover Quin has firm message for those who believe team should tank

Even since the Detroit Lions began to drop out of the playoff race (they are still alive), some fans have made it very clear that they are rooting for the team to tank for a higher draft pick.

According to Lions safety Glover Quin, the notion of ‘tanking’ in football is absurd and that he and his team are doing whatever they can to win their next three games.

“I’ve seen (the playoff scenarios), obviously,” Quin said Wednesday. “I’m not blind. I’m not oblivious to the fact. I’m not dumb, either. I understand. I can look at their record and say this is kind of how it’s going to play out, so I kind of knew it even before everybody started making a big deal out of it I kind of saw it unfolding. But I think for us, none of that stuff matters if we don’t take care of our business.”

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