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Are the Lions Allowing Suh to Test Free Agency?

As you may have seen, NFL Insider Ian Rapoport sent out a tweet last night saying that he was told that the Detroit Lions were willing to allow defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh to test the waters of free agency after this season.

This could be good for the Lions because he they could ultimately end up locking him up for a long time at more of a bargained price than they would be getting as of right now. That of course, could just be wishful thinking, but if Suh goes out and sees what is available for him and doesn’t necessarily like the options or get offered a big contract. Smart move by Lions GM Martin Mayhew because that should make Suh play at the top of his game as he will be obviously trying to land a big deal from another squad, and quite honestly, the Lions just can’t afford to have the majority of their money wrapped up in only 3 players.

Then there is the contrary, these are just rumors, so take them for what they are worth.

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