Matthew Stafford responds to Rodney Harrison’s “respect” comments

Last night, before the Sunday Night Football game, Rodney Harrison had some unjustified comments about the Detroit Lions players not coming to Matthew Stafford‘s defense after being shoved out of bounds by Anthony Barr of the Minnesota Vikings earlier in the day.

Today, while on “The Mitch Albom Show” Stafford responded to Harrison’s comments.

“I didn’t see anybody behind me, so I was just kind of trotting out of bounds,” Stafford said. “I got a couple steps out and then got the shove in the back and opened my eyes and I was underneath the bench. But I wasn’t too happy about it.

“And watching the tape, I thought it was a great response. I don’t know what Rodney wants us to do. If he wants us to have an all-out brawl, we can have an all-out brawl but then they’d just say it’s the same old Lions. I was proud of the guys’ response. We got the 15-yarder, we didn’t negate it by doing something stupid and at the same time we kind of got to let Anthony know how we felt about it.”

Props to Stafford for taking the high road on this one. Harrison proved himself to be just another talking head trying to get some attention.


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