New Lions documentary ‘Forward Down The Field’ set to premiere this fall

The history of the Detroit Lions has been well documented as one of the saddest histories in all of sports.

There are two intricate elements to that sadness. Their fans and their city. One director has decided to bring all those elements together in the upcoming feature documentary ‘Forward Down The Field‘.

Film director and Ann Arbor native Mike Fortunato had this vision and decided it was time to bring the story of the Lions and its unique relationship with its fans to the rest of the world. The film is scheduled to be released in September 2016 and will feature interviews and stories from fans, former players, and media members alike. Sling Bullet Pictures recently released this promotional one-sheet for the film.


An IndieGoGo campaign will be launching the second week of March to help fund the film. The documentary’s official website will also be up and running by the first week of March.

Be sure to look out for the official trailer of the film very, very soon.