Five-year summary of the AL Central, 2016 predictions

Despite the fact that the American League Central Division has been perceived as one of the weaker divisions in baseball over the years, the division has been much improved in the last handful of years. Believe it or not, the AL Central has combined for the most World Series appearances in baseball over the course … Read more

Indians worker sets off fireworks for wrong team [VIDEO]

Fireworks are a popular choice for displaying appreciation from your team’s good play. The key phrase here is YOUR TEAM, because, during the fifth inning of Tuesday night’s game between the Kansas City Royals and the Cleveland Indians, the exact opposite happened.

Royals outfielder Alex Rios hit a rainmaker home run to left field at Progressive Field, home of the Tribe, giving Kansas City a 2-0 lead at the time. The poor guy had one job, and that is to set off the fireworks for when Cleveland smashes a home run. His defeated reaction just says it all.

I feel for the man, but….c’mon man!

To his defense somewhat, only 25.8% of Progressive Field’s overall capacity witnessed the blunder first hand. Cleveland’s home ballpark holds 38,000, and last night’s game between the American League Central division opponents had a paid attendance of 10,516. Who knows how many were Royals faithful, because us Detroit Tigers fans know Cleveland is not exactly a proud and loyal fan base. He might have thought Cleveland homered because the Royals fans were cheering.

What exactly would be the equivalent of this happening at Comerica Park? Perhaps if Alex Rios hit a bomb over the bullpen in left field and when he came around to touch home plate, they sound off the Tiger growl.