Report: NHL receiving offers from neutral site cities to host playoff games

The National Hockey League halted all operations and closed player facilities just under a month ago thanks to the spread of the novel coronavirus. The Stanley Cup Playoffs were also supposed to begin earlier this week, but have also been delayed. As options are being considered to potentially continue the 2019-20 season and have a … Read more

NHL extends self-quarantine period for players

Thanks to the spread of the novel coronavirus, otherwise known as COVID-19, the National Hockey League shut down gameplay and recommended an immediate self-quarantine period for players and personnel. And now, the recommendation has been pushed back to April 15 with no guarantee of when it will be lifted. According to an email from NHL … Read more

NHL memo to players: Limit interactions with fans due to coronavirus fears

As the fallout from the coronavirus continues to captivate the public, sports leagues across the world have implemented plans to help avoid its spread. The NHL has now joined the fray with a memo to the players to limit interaction with fans, confirmed by deputy commissioner Bill Daly. Meanwhile, the San Jose Sharks played yesterday’s … Read more

NHLPA Head Don Fehr Predicts Another NHL Lockout After Current CBA Expires

For the die-hard hockey fans out there, the last two NHL lockouts are still fresh scars on the memory; the sitting. The waiting. The anticipation. The feeling of disappointment every time there were setbacks in negotiations. It was grueling, and no true fan deserved that. Well, according to NHLPA boss Don Fehr, prepare for it … Read more