The 2016 Oscars: Detroit Sports Edition


On Sunday night, millions around the world will tune in to watch the 88th installment of the Academy Awards. We will find out which movies takes the top honors, who gets Director of the Year and which actors and actresses take home the Oscar for their respective categories.

Though many of the writers and editors at Detroit Sports Nation may also be checking out the 2016 Oscars, you can be sure that Detroit sports will still be on the top of our minds. We thought it would be fun to bring to you our edition of the Oscars, with a Detroit sports twist.

Winning Time is the PERFECT sports ... x
Winning Time is the PERFECT sports drama

To make things even more fun, we will also include Michigan colleges as we consider who gets the Oscar for each category! All awards are based off of the past completed season or the current season going on. For example, the Detroit Red Wings 2015-2016 season is what we are going with.

So, without further ado, get your popcorn ready and kick your feet up as we bring to you The 2016 Oscars: Detroit Sports Edition.



[tps_title]BEST COSTUME DESIGN (Best Uniform)[/tps_title]

The Nominees: Detroit Tigers Home Uniform, Michigan Football Home Uniform, Detroit Lions Home Uniform, Detroit Red Wings Home Uniform

One thing is for sure, though our teams may not bring home as many championships as we would like, they certainly have some of the coolest uniforms in sports.

This was a very tough category to pick as Michigan may have the best uniform in all of college football. That being said, when all was said and done and the votes were counted, there was only one jersey that could bring home the Oscar for Best Uniform.

The winner of the Oscar for Best Uniform is………..

The Detroit Tigers Home Jersey


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