Cliff Avril heads to Seattle

Lions Sign former texans safety Glover Quin


Former Lions defensive end Cliff Avril is moving to Seattle.

Avril confirmed to the Seattle times on Wednesday that he and the Seattle Seahawks have come to terms (2 years, 15 million). This move sends Avril west to one of the NFL’s top defenses.

Avril turned down a three-year, $30 million offer from the Lions before last season. He signed the $10.6 million franchise instead.

The departure of Avril leaves a glaring hole in the Lions Defense, not likely to be filled by newly signed Jason Jones.

Avril played in 73 games with the Lions after being drafted in the third round out of Purdue as the 29th pick in 2008. He recorded 168 tackles and 39.5 sacks.

I would look to the Lions to address the DE position in the draft.

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34 thoughts on “Cliff Avril heads to Seattle”

  1. What a dick… didnt we offer him like 10 mil a year last year? F U Cliff have fun in the rain with no interior line to help u get a meager 10 sacks a year.

  2. I wouldn’t count Jones as his replacement Nick, stats don’t even stack up – don’t underestimate the hole left by Avril and Vanden Bosch.

  3. Ummm Dan did you not see that defense against San Fran in week 16? whole different team in Seattle

  4. i wouldve liked to see kvb stay on at least for a locker room veteran. hes not what he used to be, but still an impact player. i followed him when i lived in nashville and he made the move to detroit when i did. sad.

  5. Best of luck to Avril. I’m glad he went somewhere with a competent secondary to back him up.

  6. and 10 sacks a year is good, but its not all pro level. He thought he shoulda got paid like one here and now hes getting paid like the avg DE that he is in Seattle. Better team, for now, but his numbers wont even be close.

  7. Good riddance… He did nothing that most of us wouldn’t do… He felt he was worth more than Det offered, he mighta realized he wasn’t, then pridefully went somewhere he felt wanted… Obviously he didn’t feel that from the D

  8. He lost $5 million because we offered him a 3 year/ $30 million contract last season and he declined

  9. I smell a 3.5 sack 41 tackle season for Avril. Congratz on your 2 million dollars per sack player Seattle !!!!

  10. I’m surprised at the lack of money………This is Avril giving the finger to the organization. Atleast he didnt go to the 49ers to be with MegaD=Bag

  11. Good for him, play for a team who has been to the superbowl unlike our lions who have one playoff game in 20+ years!

  12. well that is the dagger, how could they want to play for a guy who made an a** of him self by attacking Jim Schwartz

  13. Jesus Christ of America. Math is kinda simple. 3 years at 10 million / year is more money than 2 years at 15 mil / year. Idiot

  14. he deserves to go where he wants but honestly he benefited from the double teams suh took probably a four to six sack a year guy

  15. Nope. He can go too. Can’t make a clutch kick to save his life. He keeps missing more and more field goals every year.

  16. He took a chance to get more $ and greed got the best of him. Even if the lions who clearly saw something the rest of NFL did not see in him as a player. It’s time to move on… let’s get younger for less money. Insted of overpaying for veterans who might not even last 3 years.

  17. With all due respect, KVB was a hole this past season… we’re filling those shoes a year late.

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