Sean Avery explains how he would take care of cheap shot artist Tom Wilson [VIDEO]

One of the most notorious former NHL pests has offered his take on the controversy that’s made headlines in the National Hockey League this week. Let’s set the stage first for those of you who may be unaware. Earlier in the week, Washington Capitals forward Tom Wilson was fined a mere $5,000 for injuring New … Read more

Happy 51st Birthday, Nicklas Lidstrom! [VIDEO]

One of the most legendary figures not only in Detroit sports but in hockey history turns 51 years young today. Nicknamed “The Perfect Human”, Nicklas Lidstrom patrolled the Detroit Red Wings blue line for 20 years before his retirement from the NHL in 2012. Happy Birthday to @DetroitRedWings legend Nicklas Lidstrom! 🎉 — NHL … Read more

Flashback: Red Wings enforcer Bob Probert’s interview on “Hockey Night in Canada” [VIDEO]

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Detroit’s Brendan Shanahan throws down against Colorado’s Adam Foote [Video]

The Detroit Red Wings and Colorado Avalanche formed one of the greatest rivalries in the history of sports with their legendary battles on the ice. Following the 1996-97 season that saw Detroit extract revenge on Colorado during the infamous “Fight Night at the Joe” as well as a six-game playoff win, there was still plenty … Read more

13 ‘Bad Luck’ moments in Detroit sports history

If you live in the state of Michigan, odds are that you root for Detroit teams and either Michigan or Michigan State. (If you do not fall into that category, don’t worry, we love you too!) If you do fall into that category, you have suffered through some terrible luck throughout the years. These can … Read more